Below are a few items we are consistently growing.  If there is something specific you would like us to grow for your Restaurant please get in touch with us to see if we can help you out.

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  • starbor-kale

    Starbor Kale

    Everyone knows that of all the super healthy greens, Kale is the KING. But our Acre In A Box Kale is not just your normal store purchased Kale. In our Urban Farm we are able to manipulate a perfect, natural, pesticide free environment for our Kale to be the biggest, freshest, and tastiest Kale you’ve ever tried!

  • boston

    Boston Lettuce

    We currently grow a Boston lettuce that will take your salad from “just okay” to out of this world! And while one may not think much of lettuce you must remember that it is the foundation of most salads. So if you want to have the crispest and clean salad start the bottom of your plate with Acre In A Box lettuce.

  • red-butterhead

    Red Cross Lettuce

    These tender Red Cross leaves won’t only make your meal healthier, they will make any dish look out of this world! The large, fancy, reddish heads make a stunning ornamental that will surely dress up any meal. But this pretty lettuce can be used for more than just appearance. Have it in your salad, pair as a side with a piece of fish, or even add it to a sandwich. Any option you choose will not disappoint.

  • bibb-lettuce

    Bibb Lettuce

    Our Bibb lettuce is what adds the term “Gourmet” to your dish! Our Bibb leaves can be used as a base to your wonderful vegetable salads or they can be mixed with other greens to create a dynamic mix. Our Bibb is also great when pairing with your favorite fish such as Salmon or Tuna!