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Most restaurants with such facilities started off with the question of “how fresh can I get this?” when looking at the quality of their produce. This is an important question, considering that even the best quality produce is usually at least 3 days old by the time it reaches a restaurant. Further, hydroponics can allow for increased variety by bringing microgreens to the table. Because of their delicacy, most restaurants cannot afford to ship in the greens, which can cost $100 or more for just a pound and have a shelf life of just a few days- but with hydroponics, the shelf life is greatly extended and the cost cut to just a fraction.
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Farmers Market

The city of Houston offers a thriving farmers market community with locations in every part of the city. Each one has its own flair and die-heart followers. The produce is local and fresh – eggs are just from the chickens and the meats from the free-roaming livestock. The vegetables and fruit come straight from the ground and the trees, or in our case from a green-house shipping container located in the heart of Houston.
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So going to the Farmers Market weekly or bi-weekly is great and all but what if you could have Farmers Market produce everyday of the week? Well at Acre In A Box that is exactly what we are striving to do. Need the freshest ingredients for your family dinner, sudden dinner party, or just a fresh salad for yourself? Don’t worry we have you covered.
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