Eloise Nichols

Eloise Nichols is an American bistro from the family team behind Adair Kitchen.

Nestled between the River Oaks shopping district and the bustling Highland Village, this neighborhood restaurant takes its name and its cue from the siblings’ grandmother––a no-nonsense, classic Texas beauty. The ethos of Eloise is woven through every detail, from a thoughtful menu to an open, unrushed ambiance, much like her living room where family lingered hours after a meal was complete.

The Grove


The Grove restaurant offers a modern and elegant urban dining experience unlike anything else in downtown Houston. Ideally located on the South end of Houston’s 11.8-acre urban park Discovery Green, the legendary Schiller Del Grande Restaurant Group’s latest offering is a one-of-a-kind setting for gatherings of all sizes and types. The Grove is the definitive see-and-be-seen culinary hotspot in Houston’s urban core and has redefined downtown dining since opening in January 2008.



Because we are passionate about the food we eat, where it comes from and how it is made, Relish was created to spread enthusiasm for local, seasonal and gourmet food. All of our products are made in small batches with quality ingredients. A member of Slow Food USA, Relish supports the slow food movement, obtains the freshest ingredients through local producers and carries quality products and specialty items not found in typical supermarkets.

Tiny Boxwoods


Tiny Boxwoods was a very personal project from day one. We had never built a restaurant before, we just had a very strong opinion on what a restaurant is supposed to feel like. Our projects aim to bring to life a vision through architecture and design. We then fill the space with a staff that takes pride in this vision and a food program that remains small and focused always making our fare from scratch. Since opening, Tiny Boxwoods has been watched over and led by its chef and owner, Baron Doke.

Tinys No.5

Our Story

In 2011, we had the opportunity to open a second restaurant. Our West University audience had always been so supportive of us, so we branched out and created a place unique to their own neighborhood. While Tinys No. 5 is in the same vein as what we do at Tiny Boxwoods, it has its own unique menu and feel and is the home to our bakery.