Growing high quality, Daily Fresh Produce for Houston


Fresh & high quality

By growing our vegetables in an enclosed container using hydroponic technology we provide the freshest and highest quality produce all year round.


Healthy Living

Healthy living and eating is all the rage right now and we couldn't agree more. What's healthier than eating same day farm to table produce? Well maybe some things, BUT it will be difficult to find fresher produce inside the 610 Loop than what we at Acre In A Box offer.


On Demand Delivery

While buying your veggies from Farmers Markets are fresh and good "for the week". We can bring your restaurant same day delivery of produce still attached at the root.

What We Produce

A few popular items we currently grow are Starbor Kale, Boston Lettuce, Bambi Bibb Lettuce, & Red Cross Butterhead Lettuce. We continue to explore other options of what we can grow and will begin to add new veggies soon! Please keep checking back with us for further updates.